St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp (OTCMKTS: SXOOF) to Get Listed on OTC Markets

The COO and Director of St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp (OTCMKTS: SXOOF) has stated that the company is on the last vestiges of getting listed on OTC Markets. He revealed this while appearing on The Stock Day Podcast.

Viability Study to bring Interesting Results

Speaking on the viability study conducted, Dumas states, “we expect that the study will bring us very interesting results and the results we achieve will be before the timeframe that has been set for us.” He added, “We have some exploration going on and have launched three big campaigns and one small campaign.”

When questioned by the talk host about EVSX and its plans, Dumas replied, “The company is still piloting tests and refining the procedure.” Dumas also added that his company had been given 19 Tonnes of Batteries by an entity owned by the Canadian government.

Speaking about the batteries, Dumas stated, “The batteries provided to us are of different kinds and have different chemical properties.” Dumas added,” The mix will help us quicken the pace of testing and mature the plan of setting up a chemical plant.”

Speaking on the Julie Nickel Project, Dumas replied, “I am fond of nickel; as it is one of the metals that we will be requiring a lot in the years to come. Nickel will form the pillar of the new green economy.”

Globerpro delivers a preliminary report about its Ongoing Feasibility Study for the EVSX proposed battery recycling operation 

In other news, the company announced that it had received a preliminary report from Globerpro on its continuing viability study for the EVSX planned battery reprocessing operation in the city of Baie-Comeau on the Québec North-Shore.

The outcomes in the report have helped the company negotiate with industrial equipment suppliers to direct its engineering design and equipment purchase. The preliminary report has also persuaded the company to plan the plant as a scalable process. The aim is that the company will need to make the lowest possible capital investment.