Why is Max Sound Corp (OTCMKTS: MAXD) Bullish for a Month?

The investors of MAXD are rejoicing as the stock has remained bullish since June 14, 2021. If you’ve owned this stock for the past year, your portfolio shows a 100.00% growth for MAXD. Since the previous year, there hasn’t been a red zone, albeit the stock has been down 76.00% if we look at the five years.

Running bullish since the previous year

Nevertheless, MAXD has collected $0.0024 on the price in YTD time. Continuing its run from the state of profitability, Max Sound Corp was up 33.33% on Monday, gaining $0.00060. The stock closed at $0.0024 yesterday after running in the range of $0.0017 – $0.0030 throughout the day. The 52-week high for MAXD is $0.020, while it has $0.00010 as the 52-week low.

10K shares were trading in the market yesterday at the call of bells. This compares with the average trading volume of 35.56 million shares. The California-based company was founded in 2005.

JV for HD Audio Technology for Formula 4 Protocol

This year, the company has signed a licensing agreement for a joint venture for the Formula 4 Protocol. The company shall provide HD Audio Technology to Formula 4, the Life Mastery program. Formula 4 aims to level people up across the world for positive changes in their lives areas.

Formula 4 Protocol kicks off the upgrade immediately while improving offerings on meditation and other courses with the company’s MAX-D HD Audio. The HD Audio from Max Sound Corp is aimed at a more profound and more immersive transformation user experience. Formula 4 Protocol has already begun testing the audio. As many as 62,000 users are reported to have been put for two test markets stretched over one year.