RetinalGeniX Technologies Inc. (OTC:RTGN) Stock Takes a Hit: Here is Why

December 27, 2023

On Tuesday, RetinalGeniX Technologies Inc. (OTC:RTGN) was one of the companies that made a significant new announcement, and it is likely that the stock is going to come into focus today. The company announced that it contracted the services of MEDsan Inc. for the purpose of providing diagnostic testing services to its IRB (institutional review board). The IRB would use those services for the purpose of a study to personalize…


Echo Defense Projects Inc (OTC:ECDP) Stock Continues To Trend Higher

December 26, 2023

Echo Defense Projects Inc. (OTC:ECDP), previously known as Eco Depot Inc., is involved in providing funding, investments, and associated support for acquisitions as well as startups that may be on the cusp of causing disruption in their industries. The company is known for adhering to the most stringent social, corporate, and environmental governance principles. The company is also involved in promoting those innovations that help create a more robust infrastructure…


Paragon Technologies Inc. (OTC:PGNT) Stock In Focus After Latest News

December 22, 2023

In light of the statement from Paragon Technologies Inc. (OTC:PGNT) on Thursday, the stock could come into focus among investors today. The diversified holding company owns around 4.9% of the outstanding shares of the firm Ocean Power Technologies Inc. Yesterday, the company published a statement addressed to the shareholders of Ocean Power. The statement started off by asserting that the board of directors at Ocean Power were not acting with…


Affluence Corporation (OTC:AFFU) Stock In Focus After Partnering with Durham Black

December 21, 2023

As the technology space continues to throw up innovative solutions, it is perhaps imperative for investors to keep an eye on companies which are involved in next generation technologies. One company worth watching could be Affluence Corporation (OTC:AFFU), which is a major player in the Internet of Things technology and Smart City Software spaces. On December 20 the company announced that it had gone into a partnership with Durham Black,…


Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTC:INLB) Stock On Watchlist Following Major News

December 20, 2023

On Tuesday, the vertically integrated dispensary franchisor and cannabis firm Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTC:INLB) was in focus after it had retained the services of Sharp Capital Advisors LLC. Sharp Capital had been tasked with the job of assisting the company in selling its business. Item 9 Labs is best known for producing award-winning and high-quality cannabis products. Investors ought to note that the company’s business is made up of…


BlockQuarry Corp (OTC:BLQC) and Pantheon Resources Embrace Leadership Transition, Introduce Interim CEO and CFO, Stephen Stenberg

December 19, 2023

There were a number of companies that came into the news cycle yesterday, and one of those was BlockQuarry Corp. (OTC:BLQC), an energy and infrastructure company based out of Texas. On December 18, the company announced that its corporate leadership had entered a transformative phase. It was revealed that BlockQuarry had agreed on the terms with regards to a change of control that would effectively allow for voting control across…


Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV) Stock Gains After Expansion of NSAVx

December 18, 2023

The interest in the cryptocurrency space continues to be strong, owing to the recent rally in Bitcoin. Naturally, it also led to considerable interest among investors in listed companies in the sector. One such company is Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV), a cryptocurrency, digital assets, and blockchain technology firm. This past Friday, the company had been in focus after it announced that it had expanded and upgraded NSAVx, its fully…


HS GovTech Solutions Inc. (OTC:HDSLF) Stock In Focus After Recent News

November 21, 2023

This morning, a number of companies are going to come into focus among investors as another trading week swings into action, and one of the companies that may well be in focus is HS GovTech Solutions Inc. (OTC:HDSLF). The company is one of the leading SaaS (software as a service) application providers for the government. On November 17, it came into the news cycle after it announced that the Supreme…


GRN Holding Corporation (OTC:GRNF) Stock In Focus After Recent News

August 17, 2023

Although there have been a lot of difficulties in the cannabis sector over the course of the past couple of years, there are some companies that may still be worth tracking. One of those is GRN Holding Corporation (OTC:GRNF). The company had recently completed a merger with Marijuana Inc. to create a new consolidated company. It was in focus on Tuesday after it announced that it had decided to go…


Penny Stocks Watchlist: CLSH, FOBIF, MLPNF, ARHTF 

July 13, 2023

The watch list is one of the most important things for any serious investor who is almost always on the lookout for the next investment. Keeping a watch list lets the investors keep an eye on the companies he fancies and this article is going to provide a look into some penny stocks which could well be worth adding to the watch list. CLS Holdings USA Inc (OTC:CLSH) – The…