Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI) Readies Launch of 4G Product ‘Ecosystem’

Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI) will launch an ‘ecosystem’ of new products and services to its dealer networks in August. Included are WHSI’s 4G device, docking station and wrist bands, according to Peter Pizzino, president of WHSI, who also noted a “variety of bundled features of the new 4G mobile medical alarm” will be available as well.

This is WHSI’s latest innovation in the $30+ billion market of remote Virtual Care and patient monitoring solutions. 

WHSI’s Catalyst is the 4G iHelp Max Device

Key to WHSI’s plans is its debut of the 4G iHelp Max personal care device.  WHSI is positioning itself for a leadership position in the new 4G technology in the growing home security and home healthcare markets.

Research firm MarketsAndMarkets projects this market will grow at a CAGR of 38.2% to reach $117 billion by 2025.

As 3G devices are phased out, WHSI’s new 4G devices offer dealers and vendors next generation iHelp MAX™ 4G features. These include Wi-Fi, NFC (wireless data transfer) technology and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. 

WHSI Files For Up List, Seeks $5 Million From Capital Markets

WHSI is offering investors additional compelling reasons to add the company stock to Watch Lists. WHSI has filed its Form 10 with the SEC for an up list to the OTC: QB market.

WHSI’s strategy to become a fully reporting company to the SEC and up list to another trading exchange. The goal: increased visibility to the financial investment community. That also means increased access to the capital markets.

WHSI says it plans to raise $5 million in financing in various forms. The funds would be used to expedite the launch of its next generation mobile medical device. This would include its Lone Worker Program initiative. 

WHSI Retains International Monetary (IM)

WHSI has also retained International Monetary (IM), a full service merchant banking and strategic advisory firm. 

M. B. (Blaine) Riley, III, managing director and president of IM, says, “We will introduce the company to our nationwide brokerage network comprised of broker-dealers and investment banks focused on the micro-cap and small-cap sectors,” he said. “While on the investor relations side, we will direct a series of initiatives to the investment community for enhancing shareholder value and market awareness.”

Why It Matters

WHSI is investing in R&D, exclusive and proprietary software and a new cloud-based portal for its 4G remote monitoring device.WHSI is offering the robust growth PERS market and its dealer innovation in 4G technology.

WHSI is integrating the newest technology, such as voice artificial intelligence (AI), into its existing Smart products.  They offer call integration with Alexis and Google, telehealth-ready monitoring wearables plus AI, BlueTooth, IoT, Central Cloud Management, Backend As A Service (Baas) and more.

Telehealth Vitals Will Offer Indicators To Medical Professionals

WHSI plans to deliver more telehealth features in the future through peripherals such as The iHelp Next Generation Platform (NGP). A biosensor being developed now will feed telehealth vitals into a portal. It will enable medical professionals to see indicators such as temperature, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure (cuffs), glucose monitoring and more.

WHSI A Multi-Stream, High Technology Revenue Company

WHSI is a multiple revenue stream company. It sells high-technology wearable devices and body mounted sensors internationally. It also operates a subsidiary, Medical Alarm Concepts LLC (MAC), which works with numerous monitoring stations. 

Keep WHSI stock on your watch list as it integrates technology into its increasingly sophisticated monitoring products. It competes in several dynamic remote monitoring growth markets. For more information, go to wearablehealthsolutions.com

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