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Editor in Chief
Mavis Babcock
Australian born, I hold a BS in Marketing and have a MBA in Healthcare Management. My experience incorporates more than 10 years of business advancement and advertising in the medicinal services and pharmaceutical commercial ventures. My ranges of skill are good to go improvement, deals, advertising with unique premiums in zones of: social insurance composing, restorative web content, doctor practice and web content, medicinal promoting, statistical surveying, therapeutic web journals, SEO and human services articles. Passion for English, which is my native, helps me with the scope of work I provide.



Cody Martinez – Business
I’m a California local brought up in Sonoma County. Growing up I focused on school, family and games. I moved on from Berkeley University and won two National Championships playing on their tennis group. Since graduating, I’ve concentrated on my profession offering properties, my family, instructing tennis to others, and my canines (a Pit and a Golden Retriever).

Bethany Hill – Companies
As a serial Entrepreneur, Blogger and Internet Marketer turned Real Estate Agent, I am excited to share my infinite passion, tenacity and creativity with homebuyers, sellers and renters alike.
Having lived throughout South Florida, I am now blissfully settled in Stuart, Florida with my sports crazed husband and two adorable “fur-kids” Lucky and Vegas. When I’m not providing superior service to my awesome clients, you’re likely to find me strolling one of Hutchinson Island’s beautiful beaches or taking in a striking sunset on one of the area’s outdoor patios.

Jeremiah Abramson – Science
I am a 27-year-old German-American, with an excellent Master of Science in Management and Economics from the University of Mainz, Germany currently working a full time job in a leading administration and consulting company specializing in real estate investments. I have time in the evenings and on weekends and am looking for side jobs and other opportunities that offer professional growth and/or financial support while I build a sufficient base for future self-employment and a change of career as I would like more freedom regarding my work time and place. I am reliable, efficient and a problem solver with exceptional organization, comprehension and communication skills. I am fluent in English and German with experience in translating websites and press releases as well as proof reading. I am excellent with the Office programs Excel, Word and Power Point as I use them on a daily basis in my current job. I also have experience with blogging from my personal travel blog and assisting a natural health and food blog. I would be more than happy to start my independent career with you as my client and promise precise, client-orientated and satisfactory work!

Ginger Lewis – Technology
My primary skill sets are research, analysis and writing. I’ve conducted research on different topics. Writing with clarity and accuracy is essential for effective communication and I am an experienced blogger, article writer, copy-editor, and researcher. I can contribute a vast amount of ideas and suggestions to help a business grow and achieve its goals, while maintaining a strong work ethic. I am extremely honest, and I never overlook the slightest detail.

Adam Tidrow– Features

Adam is an avid student of the stock market and investment news. His love of the market was born out of a fascination with The Great Recession and the events leading up to it and its eventual recovery. His obsession with the market bleeds into his job as head of a change and crisis management firm in upstate New York.