Ensurge Micropower (OTCMKTS:ENMPY) Stock Gains Momentum: What’s The Buzz?

Ensurge Micropower (OTCMKTS:ENMPY) is involved in providing solid-state lithium microbatteries for the latest generation of hearables, wearables and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The company was in focus on Monday after it announced that it had been producing packaged lithium solid-state batteries reliably and the manufacturing flow had also improved. The micro batteries in question are of the high-performance variant. While it cannot be denied that the announcement indicated considerable progress on the manufacturing front, Ensurge Micropower made another key announcement as well. The company announced yesterday that it had started producing high-capacity multi-layer solid-state lithium microbatteries in sample volumes. These batteries are being manufactured by the company through deployment of its unique and innovative architecture, which is based on a 10-micron stainless steel substrate.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman spoke about the development as well. He noted that both the milestone were highly significant for Ensurge Micropower since the company was working on scaling up its production capabilities for specific markets. He went on to assert that he believed that the batteries manufactured by the company were going to bring about a revolution in the way next-generation products were going to be designed.