Is DarkPulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS) Ready To resume The Uptrend In August?

A series of developments are shaping the future of DarkPulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS), a company which uses advanced laser-based monitoring systems to provide rapid and accurate monitoring of temperatures, strains and stresses. Aiming to expand its global operations, the company is evaluating its acquisition target and to fulfil its goals the company has brought Energy and Industrial Advisory Partners, LLC (EIAP) of Houston, TX to perform as its advisor.

Energy and Industrial Advisory Partners will act as the Company’s advisor throughout the transaction with services including Due Diligence.  The Chairman and the CEO of the company, Mr. Dennis O’Leary, elaborating on this partnership stated, “We have engaged EIAP to assist us while evaluating the acquisition of an entity we believe will accelerate DarkPulse’s position in the global infrastructure monitoring market. It is my belief this acquisition will save DarkPulse several millions of dollars while reducing the amount of time required to accomplish a similar global footprint. The Company is focused on expanding its services and partnerships to address global infrastructure and critical resource challenges and we believe acquisitions play an important role in this endeavour.”

In addition to this partnership, the company has also added a new member in its management team. DarkPulse has announced the hiring of Mr. Rick Gibson as its Director, Strategic Initiatives. Backed by an experience of 46 years and with expertise, Rick is not only a prominent Senior Investor Partner at Sustainability Partners (SP) but has also been the Managing Director of HOT Ventures.

His achievements also stand tall as a columnist for BizAZ magazine and has been engaged in writing for for several years. With a stupendous and diversified career, Rick has contributed in building businesses, has been the founder/co-founder of several successful technology companies and advised as many as 75 others. Speaking of Rick being onboard, Dennis said, “I’ve worked with Rick for many years and look forward to his contributions as our Director of Strategic Initiatives. Over the years Rick has been a part of some very exciting companies and his knowledge and expertise in the infrastructure space is unparalleled.”

The company’s eagerness to quantify the prospective chances in strategic locations worldwide, sets its goal of accelerating the adoption of its DarkPulse Technology Productsand escalating its global market position loud and clear.