Allied Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:AGYP) Hits Several Bullish Indicators

Allied Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:AGYP) looks like it could be in a position to make investors money starting Monday.   

The oil and gas explorer has made several impressive runs over the past 6 months and could be in a position to do so again starting today.

According to the company is a buy, hitting 10 of 13 bullish indicators, meaning it’s a buy in the short, mid, and long term.  Let’s look at the indicators the company is hitting.

Short Term Indicators:

20-50 Day MACD Oscillator

20-100 Day MACD Oscillator

20-200 Day MACD Oscillator

MACD helps investors understand whether the bullish or bearish movement in the price is strengthening or weakening.  This is a major bullish signal that 3 of these time frames are pointing in the right direction.

Mid Term Indicators:

50-100 MACD Oscillator

50-150 MACD Oscillator

50-200 MACD Oscillator

Again, the MACD Oscillator is a major indicator traders and investors monitor, depending on their investment outlook, they use different time frames to decide on the MACD to trade from.  Short term investors see a positive MACD, as well as mid-term on AGYP.  

Long Term Indicators:

100 Day Moving Average

150 Day Moving Average

200 Day Moving Average

100-200 MACD Oscillator

As noted above, the stock is hitting “buy” on several MACD time frames; the fact that short, medium, and long term time frames show up as buys is a major bullish signal. Moving Average, in this case 100, 150, and 200 day are simple technical analysis tools that smooth out price data by creating a constantly updated average price.  Long term traders especially monitor these prices for reasons to buy stocks on their watchlist.
The above indicators generally only work with stocks that have a following and AGYP does, so this is why we think Monday is a great day to make sure you are paying attention to the company.