DarkPulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS) Stock Trends Lower: Good Time to Buy Now?

Technology security company focusing on laser-sensing system, DarkPulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS) on August 5, 2021, announced engagement with Energy and Industrial Advisory Partners, Houston, acting as an advisor to the company’s proposed acquisition transaction for a specific company.

EIAP will be its advisor during the entire process including Due Diligence.

Dennis O’Leary, Chairman, and CEO of DarkPulse said that the firm has engaged EIAP for assisting the firm with evaluating the acquisition of an entity that will accelerate the position of DarkPulse position in the global infrastructure monitoring market.

Leary also said that the firm will save millions of dollars and also the time as it focuses on expanding partnerships and services for addressing global infrastructure and critical resource challenges.

Dark Pulse also announced the signing of a Letter of Intent for acquisition of the drone-based company, TerraData Unmanned,

TerraData, which gives complete drone-based and geo-rectified, 3D modeled mapping for industrial applications also inspects bridges, dam and lock systems, water treatment facilities amongst others.

The company will be a part of DarkPulse’ssurging list of world-class capabilities as well as its positioning as the leader in infrastructure sensing and monitoring.

TerraData COO Justin Dee said that the firm is keen on joining DarkPulse family and hopes to leverage the expertise and experience of members across teams for becoming a true end-to-end solutions provider.

DarkPulse CEO Dennis O’Leary said that TerraData’scapability of working in harsh marine environments effectively and accurately is a game-changer. The agreement would ensure 60% acquisition of issued and outstanding voting capital stock TerraData.