Inspira Technologies OXY (NASDAQ:IINN) Stock Falls 16% in a Month: What’s The Buzz?

The specialty medical devices firm Inspira Technologies OXY B.H.N. Ltd (NASDAQ:IINN) which is primarily involved in the proprietary respiratory technologies space and on Wednesday, the company was in the news.

Yesterday the company announced that it had been successful in the completion of pump bench study and went on to note that was making progress with regards to moving towards the manufacturing stage. While it goes without saying that the announcement was an important one from the company, the investors did not seem particularly impressed and the Inspira stock tanked by as much as 16% in the past week.

In this situation, it is perhaps important for investors to figure out if the current fall in the stock could be an opportunity to get into the stock or not. The company is in the process of developing an early version of the extracorporeal respiratory support system that can actually function as an extra lung for an individual.

The device in question that is being developed by way of that system is known as the ART device. The device is supposed to help patients in staying awake during the course of any kind of treatment and give them an alternative to using costly as well a risky ventilators.