Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS PINK: AGYP) Ready For Strong Week After Friday’s Green Close At $0.3398 +4.55%, Buy Rating

Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS PINK: AGYP) earned an 8% buy rating Friday night from Barchart as AGYP closed green Friday at $0.3398 +4.55%. WTI Crude and Brent Crude also showed green prices. The evacuation in Afghanistan stands to impact and keep oil prices high, according to Barrons and site Kerala, which quoted J. P. Morgan predicting that oil, with all the Mideast turmoil, could reach $80 barrel.

All of that is in AGYP’s favor this week. If global oil prices remain high and climb more — (WTI Crude settled at $62.38 and Brent Crude settled at $65.51) —  this increases AGYPs underground oil and gas value assets at peak levels. As a result, AGYP is now approaching its new first resistance point of $0.3822, according to Barchart.

Meanwhile, as the Biden administration pleads with OPEC and other Mideast producers like Saudi Arabia to increase daily oil output, its own federal bureaus are moving now to free constraints on federal lands and re-start leasing programs to energy companies.

A U.S. regulator is seeking to lift federal lease restrictions on oil and gas production and reinstate production leasing programs following a new court order. The Biden administration is appealing the legal ruling to eliminate the domestic leases, but the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is moving to resume its offshore leasing program that was halted by Biden in January as part of a climate change/conservation initiative. 

While the matter is tied up in an appeal in the courts, BOEM — and perhaps more  federal agencies — are preparing to open the floodgates on domestic oil and gas leases.

Domestic energy producers would benefit including: Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS PINK: AGYP), U.S. Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: USEG), PrimeEnergy Corporation (NASDAQ: PRNG) Southwestern Energy (NASDAQ: SWN) and PDC Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PDCE).

Domestic energy companies include U.S. Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: USEG), an independent energy company focused on the acquisition and development of oil and gas producing properties in the United States. PDC Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: PDCE) is a Denver, Colorado based energy producer which sells oil and natural gas.

PrimeEnergy Corp. (NASDAQ: PRNG) is an independent company which produces oil, gas and oilfield services, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma. Southwestern Energy (NASDAQ: SWN) is a leading producer of natural gas and natural gas liquids, headquartered in Spring, Texas, 

Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS PINK: AGYP) is a Texas-based independent with a business model which calls for drilling for oil and gas in Texas, on American soil, to produce U.S. energy on domestic soil from long abandoned but once  commercially viable wells. 

Walter Kruickshank, deputy director of BOEM, said, “Based on the court order we are now moving ahead with leasing.”  His federal organization is now moving ahead with leasing again while the federal government is appealing the court results.  “It will not be too long before you see something,” he said recently at an industry conference. BOEM oversees offshore oil and gas regulations. 

BOEM’s actions could ripple to other federal agencies, which would be obligated to re-start the oil and gas leasing programs on more federal lands. Investors in U.S.-based oil and gas exploration firms might take the court decision — triggering the new initiatives in energy leasing on federal lands — as a positive move. Until the Biden court appeal is resolved, federal agencies are free — even obligated — to begin leasing for energy companies on federal land.

AGYP reported a positive Q2 financial report which showed a strategy of large cuts in operational and net losses through dramatically cut expenses. Free cash flow created was then reinvested back into the Company’s primary activity: leasing oil wells and applying newest technology to make them commercially new again. AGYP’s management team and long term investors see a bright future.

Analyst predictions that AGYP was among oil and gas stocks to watch in August have borne truth. Media reports of the importance of domestic oil and gas was underscored by the scenes in Afghanistan the past few days.

In a series of Tweets, AGYP is making its performance on its leased Texas wells transparent, to its shareholders and the investment community. Tweet photos of progress at its wells plus technical advances gains confidence in a business model that works. American oil from U.S. soil is an advantage that works now more than ever — especially as Afghanistan sizzles. 

In its Q2 OTC filing, AGYP documented that its operating loss during the three months ended June 30, 2021 dropped to $85,913 from $113,368 the comparable period the prior year — a 24.2% decline. For the six months ended June 30, 2021. It cut operating expenses in Q2 2021 to  $175,461 from $231,286 — again, by 24.1%. All created similar drops in net loss for both periods.

This was principally achieved by cutting salaries/wages. In the Q2 period in 2021 they were $45,000 vs. $81,000 vs. the same period the prior year. In the six months period in 2021, the salaries/wages number dropped to $90,000 from $162,000 the year prior.

It also showed that AGYP in Q2 moved all of its free cash flow for investing activities — or $224,563 — back into re-investment into its oil and gas properties. This is a management team that believes in its future performance.

AGYP’s Green Lease Site and Annie Gilmer site documents that its Texas-based wells are commercially viable. Engineering reports on the company’s leased wells filed with the SEC as Executive Summaries by a petroleum engineer document the reserves and their value in these OTC-filed supplemental filings.   

At the Green Lease Site, Mark McBryde, Petroleum Engineer, found $2,944,900 of proved oil and $18,536,600 worth of probable and possible oil. At the Annie Gilmer Site. he found proved oil and gas reserves of $6,704,900 and probable and possible reserves of $5,489,900, all computed at a market price of $46.26. This is far below today’s market prices.  AGYP’s online site describes in detail that this is an oil and gas company managed by energy seasoned veterans drilling leased old well sites with new technologies — making older commercial wells new again — with proven, probable and possible energy reserves.

The impact of the two supplemental filings with the OTC is making itself felt in steadily rising prices for the stock — as oil and gas reserves at the well sites have been documented. Links to more news are at and