Veon Ltd (NASDAQ:VEON) Stock Sees Bullish Action After The News

NASDAQ and Euronext Amsterdam-listed global provider of connectivity and digital services, Veon Ltd (NASDAQ:VEON) on August 23, 2021, announced the collaboration of its mobile operator Beeline with Russia’s Sechenov Medical University. The collaboration will result in the ground-breaking use of AI technology in diagnostic medicine.

The partnership places emphasis on harnessing neural network pattern-matching algorithms for enabling early detection of damage in hip joints, kidney disease as well as potential cancers.

Developed for supporting the ‘Lisa Alert’ project, meant for locating and rescuing missing people in Russia, the project harnesses advanced algorithms as part of the technologies for locating individuals through drone imaging analysis.

AleksandrTorbakhov, Chief Executive Officer of Beeline, said that the technology made by mobile operators has gone beyond connectivity and embraces applications helping individuals live healthier lives. The CEO added that using Beeline’s AI technology shows the contribution made by mobile operators in this crucial field and the company is proud to be partnering with Sechenov Medical University.

While Beeline and Sechenov Medical University would be developing AI software as well as data analytics for providing diagnosis on traumatology and histology, the software is being harnessed for analyzing MRI images and helping doctors to precisely diagnose and identify the development of pathologies.

AleksandrTorbakhov, Chief Executive Officer of Beeline, said that the company aims on creating breakthrough products based on big data as well as artificial intelligence enabling medical professionals to speed up diagnoses.