BioElectronics Corporation (OTCMKTS:BIEL) Stock Moves Up 27%: What’s The Buzz?

When a company addresses the questions of the investors’ community then it is generally seen as a positive. Hence, it was perhaps not entirely surprising that the BioElectronics Corporation (OTCMKTS:BIEL) stock jumped by as much as 27% on Monday.

The company provided clarification regarding certain pieces of information about BioElectronics and also addressed the request from the investment community with regards to comments regarding its financial results for the second fiscal quarter. The company repeated some of the key information with regards to the second quarter performance yet again. BioElectronics noted that not only did the Chairman of the company put in more into the business, but the Chief Executive Officer did not take any pay at all.

On the other hand, two key leaders at BioElectronics did not collect the  interest on their notes and more importantly, the company did not issue any new stock during the second quarter either. The non-issuance of fresh stock is an important thing for most investors considering the fact that it implies that further dilution did not take place. The company also noted that in the second quarter its products were on sale at some of the biggest retail outlets like Walgreens and CVS.