The Metal Arts Company Inc (OTCMKTS:MTRT) Stock Rockets 350% On Unusual Volume: But Why?

Over the course of the past week The Metal Arts Company Inc (OTCMKTS:MTRT) has emerged as a company that has come into enormous focus among investors and that can be best gauged from the price action in the company’s stock.

Yesterday, the stock was in considerable focus yet again and ended the day with gains of a staggering 345% as investors flocked to The Metal Arts stock in a big way. That took its gains for the past week to as much as 425%. The company mainly works through its subsidiary company Coating Technology Inc and yesterday the company made a major announcement with regards to the change in management as well as control.

The Metal Arts Company announced yesterday that back on August 25, 2021 it had completed the private sale of as many as 7665000 share of its common stock. As a result, the control of the company now lies with Medium Inc, a company that is based out of South Korea as per its incorporation details. In addition to that, a new board of directors has also been formed in order to take care of the management of The Metal Arts Company.