Alkido Pharma Inc (AIKI) Stock Picks Up Momentum: But Why?

There has been no new development in relation Alkido Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:AIKI) over the course of the past week but the company’s stock has come into focus among investors nonetheless and managed to record gains of as much as 6%.

In this situation, it could be a good move for investors to take a look at an update that had been provided by the company back on August 6. At the time the company revealed a new development with regards to the use of machine learning on its antiviral platform. The study was being conducted in collaboration with the University Of Maryland Baltimore School Of Medicine.

The company noted that the target of the project is to identify and then optimise antiviral compounds that can thwart viral replication by going after a protein complex that works towards the degradation of RNA at the cellular level.

The updates provided by Alkido Pharma were quite positive and soon enough the stock came into focus among many investors at the time. However, the rally over the course of the past week might not have been related to that announcements and hence, it might be worthwhile for investors to keep an eye out for any fresh news about Alkido.