AR/VR Market Growth Puts KULR, VUZX, and NEXCF On the Radar

Augmented and virtual reality make up one of the hottest segments in the tech market.  AR and VR as they’re more commonly known compose a market projected to grow eightfold over the next five years.  This will be the fastest-growing emerging device vertical in all of tech.

IDC, projects AR/VR to finish 2021 at a total value of $4.43 billion. In 2025, that value will escalate to $36.11 billion, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68.4 percent.

AR refers to technologies that superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.  This differs from Virtual Reality, where the computer-generated images are exclusively what the user sees when experiencing the technology.

Tech giants such as Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Alphabet (Nasdaq:GOOG), and Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) have led the way in AR/VR development as you would expect, and why wouldn’t they.  Research and Markets is even more bullish on the sector projecting the global AR and VR markets are expected to be worth $72.7 billion in 2024. 

The revenue streams this growth will create could be as varied and wide-ranging as the opportunities the internet boom produced.  Software, hardware, and applications we can’t currently predict will be a major driver of profits for the next decade and beyond.

While the FANG stocks are obvious candidates for AR/VR investors, I wanted to dig a little deeper.

One company in a position to profit from this burgeoning market you may not expect is KURA Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE:KURA).  I bring KURA up because the company announced the acquisition of IP from Centropy AB yesterday.  The advanced carbon fiber-based heatsink technology acquired by KURA is useful with high-power computing applications.

Cloud computing, crypto-mining, and AR/VR; are just a few of the functions KURA’s tech enhances.  Computers generate a ton of heat when running high-resolution AR/VR apps. KURA’s cooling solutions are legit and have been utilized by NASA.  The stock’s share price has been on a rocketship as well and could continue its trajectory.

One device to pay attention to in the space is Vuzix Corporation’s (Nasdaq: VUZX) AR Smart Glasses.  The AR wearable device VUZX produces looks like something out of science fiction.  However, their science is real and the AR glasses they produce are being used by healthcare providers, manufacturers, and automotive employees in their workflow.  

NexTech AR Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: NEXCF) has entered the space with its 3D AR product visualizations, human holograms, and 360-degree portals aimed at e-commerce, digital advertisers, and virtual events.  This is a new vertical for the company that’s main revenue source is derived from a suite of e-commerce platforms.

Begin your research on these companies immediately.