CEO of KULR Technology Group (NYSEAmerican:KULR) Bullish About 2022.

Michael Mo, CEO of KULR Technology Group (NYSEAmerican: KULR) tells investors at the Sequire Clean Tech and Electric Vehicles Conference this week that KULR is well positioned in fast growth, high tech industries.

As a result, he’s optimistic about 2022. See the KULR presentation here.

“We’re in the strongest financial position in our history,” Mo says. “We are a one-stop-shop for battery solutions.” KULR is in all the right technology spaces: hypersonic vehicles, battery safety, energy transportation and energy storage. 

KULR is a stock for investors to watch. It is a successful developer of next generation lithium-ion battery safety. It also markets thermal management technologies.

A list of prestigious Tier One clients such as NASA and Lockheed-Martin place   KURL’s IP from lightweight carbon fiber matrix products in high demand.

Smart battery platforms and fast-charging battery architecture are in its future. 

KULR intends to leverage its 11 patented technologies as it grows. Mo noted KULR’s stock performance as it grows its reputation in the defense industry, space aeronautics, performance auto racing (Andretti Enterprises), electric cars and more.

KULR reports a 300% jump in sales for Q3 2021 and expects that growth momentum to continue. It generated sales of $600,921, a 339% YOY increase.

To help fund its 830% increase in R&D for next generation products and platforms, it recently raised $6.5 million in cash from warrants.

Mo said his favorite part of the KULR presentation to investors was demonstrating how his proprietary products offer solutions to what he called ‘thermal runaway propagation.’

He initially showed a fire break out from a battery cell. Then he demonstrated how a KULR product made of carbon fiber matrix could suppress or manage the explosion.

“The core technology of KULR is carbon fiber matrix,” he said. “There is a surge in demand for battery safety technologies and thermal management solutions.”

He said KULR intends to ‘commercialize’ its product line.

He described several KULR products to attendee investors:

  • KURL-TECH Battery Safe Case. KULR has obtained a special DoT permit for 2.1 KWh  battery shipping for recycled batteries
  • THERMAL RUNAWAY SHIELD. This HYDRA absorbs heat and shields cells from entering into thermal runaway propagation
  • FIBER THERMAL INTERFACE. This is high performance, flexible and made from thermally conductive carbon fiber materials.

KULR is a company in fast-growth industries. It produces vital real time solutions for industries and government in the aerospace and defense sectors. It is applying its patented IP with increased assets into R&D for more products.

Its core technology is validated with new government licenses from the Department of Transportation (DoT). KULR has shown it can move in multiple directions to develop accretive growth.

At a time when lithium-ion batteries are expanding exponentially KULR has the core technology and IP to develop more smart platform products.

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KULR is a technology company growing as fast as the industries it is in. Keep it on your Watch List.

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