4 Crypto Penny Stocks Investors Are Talking About

Crypto stock investors looking to rebound from a rough January can take refuge in these OTC companies with near-term profit potential. 

Thursday was rough for investors and that might be why some fantastic news and events from major crypto penny stocks $GYST, $TGGI, $INND, and $ALPP might have slipped under the radar.

With many traders stepping away from the desk on Friday to cut losses, the opportunity for discounted entries in these four stocks is ripe.  Each of the aforementioned stocks has major buzz from that will find an audience over the weekend, Friday buyers will benefit.

In what might have been the biggest announcement of these for crypto plays, The Graystone Company (OTCMKTS:GYST), announced yesterday that its January revenues exceeded the revenue total from all of 2021. 

Yes, you read that right, GYST brought in $185,000 in January after recording a respectable $176,000 for the entirety of 2021.   All of these bitcoin mining, mining equipment sales, and digital currency sales netted Graystone record revenues in a month the industry it is in suffered record losses.   
If Graystone performs this well in a bad month for crypto stocks, imagine what the company will do as the blockchain-backed currencies recover!?  GYST may be the best of this batch.

Not to take anything away from Trans Global Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: TGGI) the Chinese company that OTC classifies as a shell has climbed to its current price of $0.0129 from $0.0008 in 12 months.   It’s no wonder its following is so so rabid.  Investors are awaiting an 8k and apparently a blockchain company is forming.  Speculation can make you money as long as you’re careful.  One thing is for sure, $TGGI’s mob is letting itself be heard.

While $TGGI backers wait for an 8K, InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCMKTS: INND) filed one on Thursday.  $INND announced a debt restructuring and the cancellation of $1.1 million of convertible notes.  By reducing this bloat, INND investors are hopeful the company can gain a little momentum to close the week.

Finally, Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS: ALPP), holders are happy to see more institutions coming into the $1.56 per share stock.  

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