Mass Megawatts Inc (OTCMKTS:MMMW) Announces Filing Form 10 to Register its Stock with the U.S. SEC

Anyone who is currently interested in renewable energy stocks could do well to consider taking a look at the Mass Megawatts Inc (OTCMKTS:MMMW) stock this morning. The company is actually in the news this morning after it emerged that it had managed to hit a major milestone.

Mass Megawatts announced that it had been successful in sending in the filing of a Registration Statement on Form 10 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The purpose of the filing is to register the Mass Megawatts common stock, no par, as per the provisions of the amended Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

In Form 10, Mass Megawatts was going to provide information with regards to its financial and business operations. Once Form 10 does become effective, the company would need to provide the SEC with periodic reports.

The development is a significant one for the company since it is going to bring about much greater transparency about Mass Megawatts among investors. There have also been other developments in recent times which may have resulted in greater optimism among investors with regard to Mass Megawatts. Not too long ago, the company had reported that it had managed to accomplish the best cash position in its history and that can only be a good thing as it continues to chase higher growth.

The company noted at the time that the position was going to give it the opportunity to not only accomplish its immediate goals with regard to further growth but also help it in eventually hitting profitability. Mass Megawatts noted that it could now be in a position from which it could move ahead with its plans to manufacture new products and also get into commercial sales of its solar tracker, for which a patent is still pending at this point in time.