Why Is Net Medical (OTCMKTS:NMXS) Stock Up 70% In A Month?

Although the markets have been in the volatile territory for quite some time, there are certain stocks that have managed to hold their own despite the carnage and one of those is the Net Medical (OTCMKTS:NMXS) stock. Over the course of the past month, the stock has managed to emerge as one of the biggest gainers and clocked gains of as much as 70% during the period.

Trading Data

On Tuesday, NMXS stock ended flat at $0.5950 with 8.5K shares, compared to its average volume of 33K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.5500 – 0.5950  after opening trade at $0.5940.

About The Company

Net Medical currently consists of two main operating units. One of those is Net Medical Labs, which is a CLIA-certified lab that is involved in testing and diagnostics related to viral infections. On the other hand, Net Medical also offers a fleet of vans that are meant for providing flu as well as COVID 19 testing services in New Mexico. The fleet mainly serves nursing homes, schools, homeless shelters, and companies.

In addition to that, Net Medical is also known for providing an of its kind Test to Treat Program which is offered to both offices and homes. The program is a combination of both pharmaceutical and diagnostic services, both of which could be highly sought after in rural zones.

Net Medical Adds Mobile on-site CLIA Labs in Response to Growth in Number of People Testing Positive for COVID

Yesterday, the company was in the news after it announced that it was going to further boost the size of its fleet of mobile testing labs. The move had been triggered by the fact that the number of positive COVID 19 tests has been on the rise in recent days. There is now a significant demand for on-site mobile CLIA labs.

In addition to expanding the size of its fleet, the company is also going to upgrade the vans significantly.

The vans are now going to get an upgrade with regards to WiFi, electricity, insulation, climate control feature, additional medical equipment, medical-grade refrigeration, and generators among others. However, that was not all.

The company also announced that it had also decided to bring about an expansion in its Test to Treat program. It is going to expand by two clinics per day by way of telemedicine. PCR test results are going to be available to the patients within a matter of five hours.

Technical Data

NMXS stock is trading above the 20-Day and 50-Day Moving averages of $0.46 and $0.27 respectively. Moreover, the stock is trading above the 200-Day moving average of $0.11.