MicroCaps to Watch in the Healthcare, Wellness and Medical Sectors: RSHN, HMNU, HALB, ALST, WORX

Micro caps are such stocks that can often deliver outsized gains to investors and hence, despite the associated volatility, many investors are almost always on the lookout for such stocks. If a sector is on the rise then it may be a good idea for investors to look into microcaps from the same sector. The medical, wellness, and healthcare sectors have managed to record significant growth in recent times and this article gives you a look into three micro caps from these sectors in this article.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) – There has not been any fresh news about the company this week so far but last week on June 8, Halberd Corporation had actually been in the news following a major announcement. On that day the company announced that it completed a non-disclosure agreement with the Mississippi State University.

The NDA is in relation to the animal testing that is going to take place on the potential path to United States Food and Drug Administration certification for the extracorporeal disease eradication methodology that has been created by Halberd. The announcement was a significant one and one that could well prove to be a boost for the company as it readies for the coveted certification.

RushNet Inc (OTCMKTS:RSHN) – The next one that may be worth tracking today is the RushNet Inc stock. While it is true that there has been no news about the company this week so far, it should be noted that back on June 8 RushNet had made a major announcement with regards to the shares that were going to be issued following the spinoff of its subsidiary unit heliosDX. It was announced that the spinoff and the transactions are not going to result in any dilution of the RushNet and that is almost always good news for investors.

Human Unitec International Inc (OTC:HMNU) – The company is involved in the project management, project finance, and development space spread across several industries. It is involved in the medical, wellness sustainability, and green energy sectors.

While it is true that the company is involved in all those sectors, it is also making an effort to move into the cryptocurrency space and it has done so by way of the PBT Coin. It is one aspect of the company that makes it stand out from other companies of a similar nature at this point in time.

AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTC:ALST) – The next one that could be added to the list of micro caps from the medical, wellness, and healthcare sectors could be the AllStar Health Brands Inc stock. Back on May 26, the company had come into focus after it announced that it had gone into a strategic partnership with the media company Media Fusion Inc in order to develop AllStar Global Media.

The new entity is going to be concerned with the production of content related to the healthcare sector and Media Fusion is going to help in the production. Initially, AllStar Global Media is going to concentrate on content related to the pharmaceutical sector.

SCWorx Corp (OTC:WORX) – Lastly, it is the SCWorx Corp stock that may be one of the micro caps to track from these sectors. While the company has not had any new development this week, there was a significant development earlier on in the month on June 6.

At the time, the company had got the final court approval with regards to a settlement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The issue was with regards to a press release from SCWorx Corp from back on April 13, 2022.