Cryptocurrency News “Shackout” See Our Buy List Now: COIN, BLQC, EPAZ, RGST, VTXB, RIOT

The cryptocurrency market has been in the middle of a significant downturn over the course of the past weeks and that has had an effect on many crypto-related stocks as well. However, at the same time, it ought to be noted that as the crypto shakeout continues there are also some stocks that may well prove to be worth looking into.

These are stocks that have managed to deliver gains even though the crypto market remains in the middle of a historic collapse. Here is a look at three crypto and blockchain-related stocks that you could look into at this point.

Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) – At a time when the cryptocurrency sector is suffering from a massive selloff, the stock of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has naturally suffered and it seems that the pain might not be over any time soon. It is believed that the stock may come under fresh selling pressure in the coming days.

As a matter of fact, last week JP Morgan in fact cut its target price from $71 a share to $68 a share and changed the rating from overweight to neutral. It now remains to be seen if the stock can actually make a recovery or not.

BlockQuarry (OTCMKTS:BLQC) – The first one that you could add to your watch lists at this point is the BlockQuarry stock, which ended up with gains of as much as 21% yesterday and could well be a stock worth tracking from this sector.

The company was in focus earlier on in the week on June 21 when it emerged that its President and Founder, Alonzo Pierce, was going to be on The Stock Day Podcast for a chat with Sever Coplay. During the interview, Pierce noted that the best was ‘yet to come’ from BlockQuarry since it was finally running at its full capacity of 20 megawatts. It may be a good idea to keep an eye on it.

Vortex Brands Co (OTCMKTS:VTXB) – The company is mainly involved with the cryptocurrency sector and specifically in the lucrative Bitcoin mining space. One of the more significant developments with regards to the company took place back on February 16 when it announced that it had managed to complete the acquisition of as many as 5 new S19j Pro (1OOth) for strengthening its Bitcoin mining activities.

Rogue Station Companies (OTCMKTS: RGST) – The next one on the list is Rogue Station Companies, which has seen its stock come into significant focus in recent times and over the course of the past week, has managed to clock gains of as much as 28%.

Earlier on in the month of June 9, the crypto and blockchain development company announced that it had gone into a partnership with the company SRAX. By way of this partnership, the company seeks to bring about better communication with its investors, partners, and prospective investors.

Epazz Inc (OTCMKTS:EPAZ) – Among all the stocks on the list, it may be Epazz Inc which may actually be quite undervalued at this point and may present an opportunity for those looking for innovative crypto companies. The thing that is exciting about the company is its CryObo Technology which seeks to produce Bitcoin using sunlight and that is a project that the company is going to conduct in the United Arab Emirates.

Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ:RIOT) – The last one to make the list is Riot Blockchain which has seen its stock make gains of as much as 15% over the course of the past week. It is important to note that although Bitcoin is currently tottering, Riot Blockchain is still the biggest Bitcoin mining company in the United States and hence, in the long run, it may well be the company that may have a long-term story. It could be a good move to keep it in your watch lists.