Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) Featured with Major Biotech Stocks

Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) has been using its technology for the purpose of bringing about treatment for a range of other conditions including COVID-19, different forms of cancers, neurological diseases, PTSD, CTE, and others. The company has set a timetable for advancing the development of its technologies with major US universities, most notably, Arizona State University (ASU) and Youngstown State University (YSU).

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Earlier on in the month, the company was back in the news after it announced on December 6 that it had got a variety of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ASBs) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It was announced at the time that Halberd was going to deploy its laser radiation technology for the purpose of eliminating the ASBs. As it happens, earlier on in the year on October 18 the company had reported that it had managed to eliminate an ASB through the use of the same process.

The type of bacteria that Halberd had managed to eliminate was gram-negative bacteria and such bacteria are well known for being notoriously resistant to antibiotics. On the other hand, the President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the company William A Hartman also spoke about the wider importance of development.

He noted that the fact that CDC decided to supply Halberd with the ASBs was a major development for the company. It indicated that Halberd’s work and its research were now of interest to the United States government.