America Green Inc. (OTCMKTS: ERBB) Starts Implementation of Jumio Facia Recognition Software In Its Vending Machines

America Green Inc. (OTCMKTS: ERBB) has announced that it has started implementing facial recognition software from Jumio in the AGM Age Verifying Vending Machine. 

Jumio has validated over 300 million IDs.

Jumio’s AI-powered authorization and identity software will automatically carry facial recognition for the company’s maiden client onboarding process. So far, Jumio has validated 300 million IDs and will now be incorporated into the AGM’s cannabis and VBD age-verifying vending machines. Also, the company’s liquor and beer vending machines will be using the Jumio identification software.

Linda Creed, the company’s automated development Head, said, “We are expecting the Jumio software to be fully integrated and working in our AGM by November 1 of this year. This is another impressive improvement for the AGM. It clearly shows that American Greens AGM is still the leader in the age-restricted verifying vending vertical and will continue to be the premier machine in the future.”

Jumio offers AGM suitable software for vending machines. 

Creed added that they performed a lot of research for the AGM application to find the ideal partner with suitable software. The company needed a durable, adaptable, and high-performing software solution to support the AGM’s biometric client onboarding process. Creed said they were looking at software that is compatible with the software running on the vending machines. Jumio and its tech have offered AGM what it needs and more. 

The Jumio software verifies if a customer’s ID is genuine through facial recognition on the AGM camera and establishes if the customer is available at the machine. Jumio will then approve or deny a request once biometric verification is complete. Customers will use their index fingers in the biometric vein reader for final validation.