Life Electric Vehicles Holdings Inc. (OTC:LFEV) Falls 13%: IBN Initiates Coverage

April 19, 2024

The electric vehicle industry is expected to be the prime focus among many investors owing to its considerable growth potential, and there are a number of companies that one can look into that do not belong to the group of usual names. One such name is Life Electric Vehicles Holdings Inc. (OTC:LFEV), which develops, manufactures, and distributes light electric vehicles. Yesterday, the company hit the newswires after it announced that…


Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC:BIEI) Stock Gains 18% After Major Update

April 18, 2024

Investors are known to look for innovative companies every day owing to the potential upsides, and one such company that could be closely followed at this point is the innovative biographeme sector company Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC:BIEI). On April 17, the company came into focus after it announced that it had hit a path-breaking new achievement through the integration of graphene with construction materials. It was a major new milestone…


Regency Silver Corp. (OTC: RSMXF) Stock Rallies After Oversubscribed Private Placement

April 15, 2024

News about raising capital is almost always a source of interest for investors due to the overall implications, and this past Friday it was Regency Silver Corp. (OTC: RSMXF) that made such an announcement. The company announced on April 12 that it had raised an additional $215,200 through a non-brokered private placement of $800,000 that Regency Silver Corp. had previously announced. The company noted in its news release that, owing…


IDW Media Holdings Inc. (OTC:IDWM) Stock In Focus After Recent News

April 8, 2024

Investors who may be scouring the media sector for stocks currently have a lot of options, and one of the companies that could well be worth looking into at this point is IDW Media Holdings Inc. (OTC:IDWM). On April 5, the company had come into the news cycle; after that, there had been a reduction in its workforce by five employees, and that made up as much as 9.4% of…


BioStem Technologies Inc. (OTC:BSEM) Stock Soars 30%: Here is Why

April 2, 2024

The regenerative medicine space rightly attracts a lot of attention from investors owing to the considerable growth prospects of the sector, and one of the companies from the sector that could be worth looking into is BioStem Technologies Inc. (OTC:BSEM). The regenerative medicine firm is involved in the commercialization, manufacturing, and development of biologics derived from placentas. On April 1, the company entered the news cycle after it announced its…


CV Sciences Inc. (OTC:CVSI) Stock Rallies After Financial Results

March 31, 2024

Investors are nowadays increasingly interested in the wellness sector owing to its growth prospects, and a company that may well be worth watching is the consumer wellness company CV Sciences Inc. (OTC:CVSI). The company is a specialist in hemp extracts and other science-proven natural ingredients and products. On March 28, the company was in the news after it announced its financial results for the fiscal year and the fourth fiscal…


Penny Stocks on Radar: RSCI, XTMIF, BIOF, IDWM

July 12, 2023

Over the course of the past few days, there have been a number of penny stocks that had come onto the radars of investors. It may be a good time for investors to take an interest in some of those. Here is a look at four such stocks which had hit the radars of investors lately. Redwood Scientific Technologies Inc (OTC: RSCI) – The stock had been in the sights…


Penny Stocks in Uptrend: AHRO, DLOC, REEMF, APTY

July 7, 2023

Investors are often prone to look into the latest trends when they hunt for stocks and more often than not it proves to be an effective strategy. In recent days there have been a number of stocks which have been trading up and it could be a good time to take a closer look into those stocks. Here is a look at four of those. Authentic Holdings Inc (OTC:AHRO) –…


Penny Stocks in News: SNNC, MRES, VYBE, IQST

July 6, 2023

Penny stocks form a highly popular category of stocks and every day millions of investors look for the next big thing from among these stocks. This article is going to provide you with a quick look into four penny stocks that have been in the news in recent days and hence, may deserve some attention. Sibannac Inc (OTC:SNNC) – If you are interested in the alternative healthcare space then it…


Penny Stock Moving Upwards: VTXB, MCOA, FRBK, IGPK

July 5, 2023

Every day thousands upon thousands of investors look for viable plays in the penny stock niche. Although these stocks demand a degree of risk tolerance they also offer the possibility of making significant gains. Here is a look at four penny stocks that made notable gains recently. Vortex Brands Co (OTC:VTXB) – On Monday the company was in prime focus among investors and ended up with gains of 25% amidst…