SOHM Inc. (OTC:SOHM) Stock In Focus After Recent News

One of the companies that could be on the radar of investors due to the latest developments is SOHM Inc. (OTC:SOHM). The company, which is a major player in the generic pharmaceutical and biotech spaces, made an announcement about its work with ABBIE (A Blind-Based Integrase Enzyme). ABBIE is a path-breaking retroviral intergase with a dCas9 DNA-binding domain linked to it.

SOHM noted in its news release that the technology had the potential to change the face of genome editing by enabling targeted and precise integration of donor DNA that had been pre-designed into the cell’s genome. ABBIE would provide researchers with a tool by way of which it would be possible to accomplish targeted integration of foreign DNA. Moreover, the technology could also have a massive impact on the field of genetic engineering and create fresh new opportunities in the treatment of genetic diseases. It could also be fruitful in advancing scientific research and unique therapies.

More importantly, the higher efficiency that would be achieved in safe insertions thanks to ABBIE would also reduce the time needed to achieve successful editing. It would also reduce the costs related to the loss of time and the creation of more reagents. SOHM announced yesterday that ABBIE was expected to be sold in the form of off-shelf kits at some point in the third fiscal quarter of 2024.

The company stated that it had been made possible owing to the consistent and committed approach of the lead scientists working at the SOHM lab located at UACI in Tucson, Arizona. The biotech firm revealed that it expected strong revenues from the sales of the first generation of the ABBIE kits. There is expectation that thousands of those kits will be sold, and coupled with licensing, it could bring in millions in revenues.