RJD Green Inc. (OTC:RJDG) Stock Takes a Hit: Here is Why

In light of the significant announcement made by the company yesterday, it is likely that the RJD Green Inc. (OTC:RJDG) stock will be in focus among investors this morning. On Monday, the company announced that its business unit, Silex Holdings Inc., had launched a new business division named SHI Sales & Service. In the news release, it was announced that the new division would focus on research and then completely implement the new synergistic products and services for the benefit of Silex Holdings.

It would also be involved in boosting its presence in regional markets and helping with growing sales. The new unit had been launched for the purpose of researching and formulating additional profit center possibilities that could be accelerated with as little expenditure as possible. The low expense and overhead costs could be implemented over a short span of time and help in the creation of a number of profit centers that would use the sales staff and marketing efforts. It was also revealed that in the initial stages, the company would move forward in those sectors in which it already possessed considerable experience.

The two categories that the company would get into include cabinetry and solid surface products. However, it was also noted that a third category of products would also be launched following the successful implementation of the first two categories. The company noted that it was currently in the process of reviewing the entry into the sales and installation of fireplace products. The Chief Executive Officer of RJD Green, Ron Brewer, spoke about the latest developments. He noted that the expansion of the products would not require a great deal of investment, and the management also believed that these opportunities, which could lead to additional profits, could be created quickly. It could be a good time to add the RJD Green stock to your watch lists.