Cantech Holding Inc (OTCMKTS: BSSP) Revamping Corporate Identity

Cantech Holding Inc  (OTCMKTS: BSSP), formerly known as Reve Technologies Inc., is on a path towards revamping the corporate identity, which indicates acquiring assets that are operating. The stock lost 11.48% in the last trading session closing the day at $0.0027. The stock had a volume of 376.77 million and traded in the range of $0.0025 – $0.0033.

To enhance shareholder value: Cantech Holding Inc. recently announced that they plan to become OTC compliant by holding Pink Sheet listing and create a successful route towards overhauling the corporate identity. The company initially used to focus on innovation in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Moreover, recently Cantech Holding Inc. has been approached by various opportunities from different industries. These opportunities have helped the company react proactively and develop and frame a strategy that is expected to increase shareholder value.

Completed all the formalities: Cantech Holding Inc. recently announced that they had completed all the formalities of filing their current up-listing to pink sheet with OTC markets. As per the management, all documents starting from financial records to the legal form have been submitted. Cantech Holding has also paid fees to the regulator. Upon receiving the approval from the OTCIQ system, it will upload all the filing for its expected up-listing approval.

The company is also in discussion with the various corporates for potential mergers and acquisitions and expected to the shareholders soon on the progress of any corporate event shortly. Therefore, the company is on the way to build itself or present itself as a diversified (multiple businesses) holding corporate. It is expected that the diversified business model will help the company to serve their customer effectively and offers different services. These services will help Cantech Holding Inc. increase its revenue by providing different services to the customers. As a result, this will lead to enhancing shareholder value in the time to come.