Celyad Oncology SA (NASDAQ: CYAD) Announces Encouraging Phase 1 IMMUNICY-1 Study Results of CYAD-211

Celyad Oncology SA (NASDAQ: CYAD) has announced the initial data from its Phase 1 IMMUNICY-1 CYAD-211 study to treat refractory/relapsed multiple myeloma patients. The company presented the data at the 2021 European Haematology Association Virtual Congress. 

Celyad releases IMMUNICY-1 study results 

Filippo Petti, Ceylad Oncology’s CEO, said, “We believe the initial data presented today are meaningful beyond the demonstrated clinical activity of CYAD-211. This is the first clinical trial evaluating the potential of shRNA as an allogeneic technology to underpin off-the-shelf CAR T candidates for the treatment of cancer, and today’s data continue to demonstrate the potential value of non-gene edited technology to generate allogeneic CAR T cells. We are extremely encouraged by the cell kinetic, clinical activity and tolerability data for CYAD-211. As we work to establish shRNA as a platform for developing allogeneic CAR T therapies, these early data from the IMMUNICY-1 trial are key.”

IMMUNICY-1 study investigator Sebastien Anguille said, “Even with great strides made in recent years, multiple myeloma remains largely incurable, creating a need for new therapeutic options. Unfortunately, most patients eventually relapse and we observe shorter duration and depth of responses to treatments over time. We are pleased with the encouraging initial data from the IMMUNICY-1 trial and we’re eager to move forward with higher doses and continue to evaluate CYAD-211 in treating myeloma patients.”

Celyad Oncology offers Q1 2021 business highlights.

Recently the company released its Q1 2021 financial result and provided corporate highlights. First, the company indicated that enrolment is ongoing in the second dose escalation cohort if Phase-1 IMMUNICy-1 trial for its shRNA-based allogeneic CAR-T product candidate CYAD-211 for r/r MM. Also, the company revealed that it expanded phase 1 alloSHRINK study assessing allogeneic CYAD-101 given in combination with preconditioning chemotherapy for advanced Colorectal Cancer mCRC treatment.