(NASDAQ: RCRT) Releases June 2021 Recruiter Index Results (NASDAQ: RCRT) discussed its Recruiter Index results for June 2021 live on Yahoo Finance and CNBC. Recruiter Index is a survey the recruiting platform conducts each month of more than 28,500 talent acquisition specialists and independent recruiters. says employers facing talent shortages 

The survey results show that recruiter confidence is high and that most industries and employers are still facing talent shortages. Recruiter sentiment has been steady at 3.8, with March and May the highest record months. In addition, the average role for each recruiter has increased to 20 in June from 19 in May, implying a 67% YoY increase in workloads. 

For the second consecutive month, candidate sentiment dropped to 3.2 in June from 3.4 in May, showing that the number of individuals interested in new opportunities is less. In addition, around 40% of employers say that the average number of interested candidates has dropped 40% since May. CEO Evan Sohn told CNBC’s The Exchange, “You have to really drill into why candidates are staying at home, why are they not even interested? Are they taking the summer off? Are they only going back to where there’s going to be remote work?

Recruiters have introduced new approaches to attract candidates, such as raising salaries, changing requirements. announces reverse stock split.

Recently the company effected a reverse share split of its outstanding and issued common shares at a 1 to 2.5 ratio. The goal of the reverse stock split is to fulfill Nasdaq’s initial listing requirements. The stock started trading o a split-adjusted basis on June 18, 2021, with the OTCQB ticker symbol expected to change to “RCRTD” for around 20 days before changing to the original ticker symbol. After the reverse stock split concludes, the company will have 3.7 million outstanding common shares and 100 million authorized common stock shares.