BioCardia Inc. (NASDAQ: BCDA) Receives patent From Japan Patent Offices For Imaging Targeting Heart Therapies

BioCardia Inc. (NASDAQ: BCDA) has received patent No. 6887216 titled, “Target Site Selection, Entry, and Update With Automatic Remote Image Annotation” from the Japan Patent Office. The patent has a term until January 8, 2034. 

BioCardia receives patent for heart imaging delivery treatments 

Dr. Peter ALtmman, the company’s CEO, said, “This patent describes advances for image guided delivery of treatments for the heart, describing how procedures using interventional biotherapeutic delivery technologies to deliver biologics to specific target sites in the heart may be expected to be performed in the near future. The patented imaging system is designed to enable physicians to bring a previously obtained three-dimensional image of a patient’s heart from either MRI or CT scan into a procedure, predefine target sites and annotate the heart images to prepare for therapeutic intervention, and then deliver therapy to these target sites in a controlled fashion.”

The patent describes a system for fluoroscopic imaging of the heart and methods for registering and translating a 3D image of the heart onto two orthogonal, 2D images that can be labeled to display anatomical features and treatment design details in the preoperative 3D image. This new invention is expected to boost BioCardia’s efforts to protect its cardiovascular therapy techniques, which are currently protected by granted patents.

Patent proves BioCardia’s efforts in cardiovascular therapies 

Altman added that the patent grant is a demonstration of the company’s ongoing cardiovascular therapeutic development innovation. He said that they believe the imaging product the new patent describes, BioCardia’s steerable vascular tech access, and its transendocardial biotherapeutic delivery products will have considerable value to patients, physicians, and the company’s partners in enhancing and enabling therapeutics under development. 

The company’s cardiac biotherapeutics currently under development include CardiAMP autologous cell therapy for ischemic heart failure. It recently received a positive review from an independent data safety monitoring board.