Alternet Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS: ALYI) Receives 2,000 Electric Motorcycles Order

Alternet Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS: ALYI)  dropped 11.32% after r announced an order for around2,000 electric motorcycles. This order supports the expected rollout of electric vehicle Rideshare and rental services in Africa, starting with electric motorcycles. 

ALYI to launch electric motorcycles in Kenya

Recently, the company rolled out a pilot that brought together a host of partners in Kenya supporting a soup-to-nuts sustainable electric motorcycle alternative to the burgeoning motorcycle taxi sector in Africa that combustion engine motorbikes dominate. A recent article, The Future Of Transportation: EV Stocks Could Fly This Summer, featured Canadian company Facedrive which is also foraying into the EV rideshare sector.  

Alternet Systems management is pleased to see competitors such as Facedrive enter the EV Rideshare market. The management of ALYI believes that there is enough room in the market and that competition confirms the sector’s value and general potential. In addition, the company is developing a comprehensive EV ecosystem solution that will help to progress the entire EV sector by allowing EV industry leaders to continue contributing to the advancement of EV technology.

RevoltTOKEN announce new purchase features 

Recently the company announced that RevoltTOKEN, its finance partner, had published a new website showing Revolt Token acquisition features.  The minimum purchase requirement eas reduced to $250 from $100, with the purchase process streamlined and users only have to signup and start purchasing. In addition, the company will introduce a new feature in July with a 25% bonus for prior purchases. 

RevolToken CEO Henry Dabroski said, “We have learned a lot about managing a cryptocurrency since our initial Revolt Token launch. Compared with stocks and fiat currency, cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. Cryptocurrency practitioners need to learn and evolve and that is what we are doing here with Revolt Token. All of you initial Revolt Token purchasers are helping us learn and we intend to demonstrate our gratitude to you.”