Mydecine Innovations Group (OTCMKTS: MYCOF) to Launch Mindleap 2.0 version

Mydecine Innovations Group (OTCMKTS: MYCOF) has announced that its Mindleap Health subsidiary is launching version 2.0 of its virtual health platforms at the end of the month. The subsidiary offers infrastructure supporting the trustworthy and conscious adoption of psychedelics into wider inner wellness and mental health categories. 

Mydecine offering a transformation platform

Interim Technical Director and CEO William Cook said, “We are providing a platform that can help transform the lives of millions of people. Our aim is to bring conscious and trustworthy support for people on their daily mental-health journey while also supporting life-changing healing experiences.”

Mindleap has a media library with guided meditations, sound adventures, instructional information about psychedelic medications and inner wellness, and other services to help users. The media content created by Mindleap is created in collaboration with world-renowned experts and practitioners studying and practicing various psychedelic medications elements and treatments, neuroscience, and mental health. Featured guests in Mindleap 2.0 content include Imperial College of London’s David Erritzoe, Yale’s John Cline, Gregory Wells, and MAPS’ Marcela Ot’alora.

Mindleap 2.0 has a community of mental health experts 

Mindleap 2.0 also has a community focus, allowing users to learn from and interact with mental health experts through media and written articles. When users are ready, they could use the site to plan and attend secure video support sessions with inner wellness and psychedelic integration experts. The redesigned private health journal allows users to track and document various inner wellness aspects. In addition, there is an option to share a health diary during video call support temporarily.

Nicholas Martin, Mindleap’s Director of Specialists & Community, said, “The platform provides the optimal community space for users to develop trust in and connect with support professionals. Users will be able to connect with integration specialists who have demonstrated experience and training from psychedelic integration training programs.”