Nutra Pharma Corp. (OTCMKTS: NPHC) announces that Diverse Health Services has included Nyloxin in its produce submissions

Nutra Pharma Corp. (OTCMKTS: NPHC) announced that Diverse Health Services of Metro-Detroit had included the Nyloxin line of produces in their submissions.

Diverse Health Services to the market line of products using different platforms

Nyloxin is now being marketed in-house at their amenities and will be included presently in their online bazaar. Their promotion plan includes uninterrupted transactions to patients and other medical amenities, transactions through their websites and social media exploiting their online stages, as well as videos presenting Dr. R.E. Tent.

“We are satisfied to be functioning with Diverse Health Services and Dr. Tent to expand the spread of Nyloxin,” elucidated Rik J Deitsch, Chairman, and CEO of Nutra Pharma Corporation. “Nyloxin is already being sold in doctor workplaces, hospitals, and small-chain drugstores: and we’ve been working industriously to announce Nyloxin into the Chiropractic and Harmonizing medication bazaar,” he continued. “

R.E. Tent is an alumna of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has a “Legate” position in the National Board of Chiropractic Assessors and is a fellow of the International Pain Control Institute. He has an enormously fruitful local private practice in Novi, Michigan, and is famous all over the nation for his outcomes in chiropractic and alternative cure.

Tent frequently addresses and generates video content for his websites. His first audiotape, “Kill the Cravings,” has been disseminated internationally. His orations carry on twice a year, and his past orations are accessible on YouTube and DVD.

“We’re always eyeing for unvarying substitutions to the possibly hazardous discomfort relievers on the marketplace nowadays,” stated Dr. Randall Tent, DC ND Ph.D. “We’re happy to be employed with Nutra Pharma and we trust that these produces will be enormous for the Alternative Medicine and Chiropractic populations,” he continued.

Nutra Pharma files restructured interim Copyright for Nerve Agent counter procedures

Nutra Pharma has announced that they have filed a fresh interim Copyright to protect their intellectual property adjoining their expansion of nerve agent counter procedures.

Nerve agents are recognized as a category of phosphorus-containing carbon-based substances (organophosphates) that may disturb the transmission of communications to structures through the nerves. This disturbance is produced by the over-stimulation of specific receptors on the exterior of the neurons.