MyMD Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: MYMD) Launching Substitute To JAK Inhibitors

MyMD Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: MYMD) is focused on developing a couple of therapeutic platforms to provide a healthy lifespan to the patient. The company recently announced the data conducted by Eurofins Discovery indicating similar results between FDA-approved JAK inhibitor drugs and the company clinical compound MYMD-1 to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

MYMD-1 can substitute JAK inhibitor: As per the company, data released by Eurofins Discovery based on the study undertaken by them for the clinical compound of MYMD-1 indicates the efficacy of the drugs in preventing autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Furthermore, as per the company, the new drugs developed by the company can be as effective as JAK inhibitors.

JAK inhibitor is a big market and growing very sharply. As per the industry, JAK inhibitor drugs represent $11 billion globally and are expected to reach over $300 billion globally by 2026. The industry also indicated that it is only a fraction of the anti-inflammatory drugs market. Given the limited option, with only a few suppliers of FDA-approved JAK inhibitors currently, there is enough market for new players and new products to capture a share or mark their presence in the anti-inflammatory drug market. The company stated that effective treatment is available in the market for treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The JAK inhibitor is one of the therapeutic therapies. The company is confident that its drug MYMD-1 will be another therapy for autoimmune and age-related diseases. Further, the new drug MYMD-1 has also been found to be effective in traversing the blood-brain barrier, a differentiator that can increase the drug’s benefit to patients.

Strengthen its Scientific Advisory Board: The company announced the appointment of David Rini to its Scientific Advisory Board. David Rini will be responsible for working on the development and communication of the two platforms. Rini is a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Completing the trial of MYMD-1 will enable the company to directly compete with the only therapeutic therapy available for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. As a result, the company aims to capture a market share in the time to come. In addition, with the joining of David Rini, the company is better placed to communicate the development of its therapeutic platform effectively to the medical representatives.