World Series Of Gold Inc. (OTCMKTS: WSFG) Launches Crypto-Backed Vacation Properties Rental Service

World Series Of Gold Inc. (OTCMKTS: WSFG) has introduced Vaycaychella, a P2P, Fintech Alternative Short-Term Rental Purchase Finance App. Currently, the App includes a listing of ten new properties in Cuba targeted for restoration and turning them into vacation rental homes which expands the App’s pilot program.

WSGF to restore ten properties into vacation properties in Cuba

The plan is financing the restoration of the properties to provide new crypto where cryptocurrency holders can be involved in the entire business surrounding the ten target properties to includes sharing of potential profits. Additionally, Vaycaychella gives access to everyone to buy short-term rental vacation properties that can appear on, VRBO, and Airbnb. Most importantly, the App allows buts to create a profile to showcase their experience and talents besides presenting the property’s potential in generating income.

Institutions and individuals alike can register as investors, and registered investors can access information on potential short-term vacation rental homes. Equally, they can view information regarding the people who will run the vacation rental enterprises.

Last year, WSGF purchased the App, made it its core business focus, and renamed itself to reflect the new business strategy.

Vaycaychella created an alternative finance business in vacation properties.

Before its acquisition by WSGF, Vaycaychella had created an alternative finance enterprise for near-term rental vacation homes backing a rich portfolio of beach rentals across the Caribbean. Notably, Vaycaychella‚Äôs portfolio is estimated to be around $1.2 million. And the pilot will provide ten target rental homes in Cuba to WSGF through the App with the introduction of crypto backing development of the whole vacation property rental enterprise surrounding the properties. The ten target rental properties will be the first in a series of other initiatives with the expected crypto launch to back various portfolios or around ten near-term vacation properties. Equally, the company’s pilot partners will target properties in other places besides Cuba, including Puerto Rico, Caicos, Turks, and Mexico.