Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: GSFI) To Create New Micro Grids In The Urban Areas

The solar utility and finance company Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: GSFI) announced recently that it plans to create new microgrids in the urban areas. The company had also recently announced its projects in the gardening sector, which has become a faster-growing sector. The company is planning on solar greenhouses in the sector with a dedication to rooftop farming. Additionally, Green Stream Holdings has projects in the pipeline which convert cargo containers and old shipping containers in host sites and inexpensive greenhouse sites for Community Solar Program.

What now?

The CEO of the company, James DiPrima said that the company has a target for high energy cost urban areas. The idea is to target “potentially wasted resource” which remains hidden before the eyes. Such areas in the cities include canopies, overpasses, and empty rooftops. The company said that the solar greenhouses are considering such under-utilized spaces and are using them for transforming into sustainable inner-city farms. The company harnesses collected solar energy along with rooftop water to become the hub for healthy produce.

Energy conservation on the mind

Roof life is meant to be extended with the help of vegetation on roofs. Certain studies have testified that the performance of solar panels can be enhanced with the help of this technique. Additionally, vegetation roofs can bring down air pollution and storm runoff. This is so because plants can bring down the contribution of the roof to the urban heat-island effect because the air temperature goes down considerably. Evaporation brings down air temperature. Additionally, it allows panels to absorb more than enough sunlight because plants reduce dust particles and airborne pollutants.

The company CEO stated that this enables them to serve communities in a better manner. With this, Green Stream Holdings Inc is on the path to becoming a leading player in a critical space like this one.