Net Savings Link (OTCMKTS:NSAV) Stock Hits Another High On Crypto Optimism

Cryptocurrencies may be down now but that it is not likely to have any impact on how companies and investors perceive its future.

Commodification of blockchain and crypto products is leading to a ramp up and the stock market is looking to accommodate new stocks dealing in crypto. Net Savings Link (OTCMKTS:NSAV) is in process to be second publicly traded crypto exchange in the U.S. NSAV stock is already surging on this announcement.

Describing itself as kind of crypto venture capitalism firm, the firm has a number of assets. This will allow it to become diversified crypto holdings. The company is also demonstrating intent on creating own crypto solutions.  NSAV stock is poised for a big day on August 9 with the launch of its crypto exchange, making it only the second-ever publicly traded crypto exchange in the United States, after Coinbase.

The firm is sanguine and is also ambitious in its efforts. Net Savings Link said that its strategic partners, Huobi exchange, can harness Chinese crypto market and take up significant portion of the market share. NSAV stock is surging in anticipation, going up by 41%. The company‚Äôs shares saw trading of over 207 million as compared to average daily volume of 54 million.

NSAV stock has soared 200% in the past week and made a new high of $0.15 this morning.