Western Sierra Resource Corporation (WSRC) Stock Sees High Volatile: What’s The Buzz?

Western Sierra Resource Corporation (OTCMKTS:WSRC) on 3rdAugust, 2021 announced results from ‘Assay Review and Enhanced Recovery Report’. This was commissioned together with California’s R&P.

The company, founded in 1907, has 114-year history as a gold and silver mining company with projects in Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico.

The R&P Report demonstrates an increase of 69% in the recovery rate from the firm’s earlier estimates. This will translate to net annual revenues of $4.6 billion as compared to $3.2 billion, provided 1100 tons of ore are processed everyday.

Initiated before the firm’s acquisition of 70% of SSMG’s common stock, the report would be updated consistently through 90-day permitting process. The firm will commence construction after receiving permit approval for SSMG 100 ton per day Pilot Plant.

Testing by R&P will ensure optimisation as well as refinement of processing protocols for maximising yield balance from gold, platinum, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium as well as iridium available at Sage Hen site.

Western Sierra also announced last month execution of an agreement expanding Sage Hen Mine boundary by 660 acres to a total of 1300 acres.This would result in over 200 years of source material at 1100 tons per day of production at a depth of 100 feet. For this, Sierra will have Site Works Logistics, LLC as SSMG’s development partner.

Roger Johnson, President and CEO of Western Sierra said that validation of both mineral opportunity as well as unique recovery process along with the report has given the company new insights to the unanticipated magnitude of the project.