Eco Depot (OTCMKTS: ECDP) Initiates Campaign To Globally Sell Its Renewable Energy ‘Bronya Climate Shield’ Environmental Paint

ECDP is a progressive company intent on saving the planet one specialty paint coat at a time. It is intent on helping meet non-carbon emissions deadlines, repainting buildings in an efficient renewable green energy eco-environment and commercializing its ‘Bronya Climate Shield’ line. ECDP thrives in a world of incubating and investing in eco-companies and buying/selling carbon credits for green companies and managing eco-friendly real estate assets. It sees wildfires, droughts, floods and other extraordinary events resulting from global warming and is committed to being a part of the solution.

As it addresses global climate change, ECDP is a practical firm now applying its marketing expertise to sell its ‘Bronya Climate Shield Line” through its Bronya Canada Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Canada. The line promises 20-40% more efficient energy savings to clients. Now the challenge is to raise the profile on the line, manufacture it internationally and change the world with it. ECDP is focused on that with a game plan to bring the Bronya Climate Shield’ to market. In this worldwide market crisis, ECDP is focused on selling its product line and buying/selling carbon credits.

For shareholders, this is socially responsible investing, an opportunity to invest in a small-cap company active in helping solve the global greenhouse and carbon emissions crisis and acting as an incubator for other renewable energy green firms. ECDP has enormous upside as it brings its product line to markets worldwide.

New studies seek to define the global carbon credit market. Allied Market Research estimates that the renewable energy market globally will reach $1,512.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2018-2025. Increased emissions of greenhouse gases are a danger to Earth’s ecology. ECDP is choosing to do something concrete about this. It is offering a unique renewable energy line of paints that are laboratory-proven to offer 20-40% energy efficiency to clients. 

ECDP has established and is executing a three-point plan to bring its Bronya Climate Shield line to help climate change and carbon reductions in this fast-growing dynamic global market. 

Here is the marketing game plan: 

  1. Open its first micro-production facility in Montreal by Q4 2021. It will be close to retail customers — ensuring quick delivery — and will be the first of more such units planned for other customers in North America and even Europe. Construction work has started on the 4,200 sq. ft. plant in Montreal. It can produce 2,700 gallons of Bronya Climate Shield paint daily worth $107,994.60. Annually, that means this is a new facility capable of producing $40 million annually. More similar plant locations are being reviewed worldwide. It can produce less if you count weekends or holidays.
  2. Raise the profile of the Bronya Climate Shield line nationally. ECDP will exhibit this specialty paint for the first time at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas from October 21-23, 2021. This is really an international show. Some 20,000 buyers are expected from chains such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, independent hardware stores, home improvement outlets — even contractors, builders, wholesalers, online distributors and anyone involved in this industry will attend. The Bronya Climate Shield line will also be seen at the show’s “Habitat New” section highlighted as an innovative new product. The National Hardware Show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s New West Hall. The Bronya Climate Shield stand will be located at W729. The Bronya Canada Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECDP, will be among 2,800 exhibitors.
  3. Expose and market the line globally at major conferences. ECDP has set a strategy to expose the Bronya Climate Shield line in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Economic Development Resilience and Sustainability Forum, September 29-October 9. It recently demonstrated the line at the Federation of Latin American Cities in Madrid, Spain. It is a World Organization and reviewed the line as part of its campaign to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. ECDP is also testing the line in conjunction with the European Commission’s priority regarding renewable energy and energy savings. Bronya Climate Shield is designed to save up to 40% on energy efficiency and flow. 

In Wednesday’s trading, ECDP closed at $1.25 per share, in volatile and moderate trading. Shareholders on social media have expressed they see the price as a loading opportunity to buy more.