Ascent Solar Technologies (OTCMKTS:ASTI) Stock Moves in a Range: What Next?

Every day thousands upon thousands of investors flock to their trading screens to look into the state of the micro cap stocks and it’s understandable, considering the sort of gains that those stocks can generate.

One of the micro cap stocks that investors could consider looking into at this point in time is that of Ascent Solar Technologies (OTCMKTS:ASTI). After having gone through a rollicking run and delivered handsome gains over a number of days, the Ascent Solar stock suffered from a selloff yesterday. The stock declined by as much as 10% but at the same time it might be a time to look at the stock’s rise in the previous days.

The stock had made a powerful run up the charts after it emerged that Ascent Solar announced that it signed a new funding agreement worth as much as $10 million with BD1. BDI is the investment company of a German company.

That brought the stock into sharp focus among investors and also indicates that a major company has confidence in Ascent Solar’s business. The funding is going to be disbursed to the company in two stages. $5 million is going to be paid out this month and the rest in October.