Is Mind Medicine Inc (NASDAQ:MNMD) stock a Good Buy Near $3 Leve?

Psychedelic-inspired medicine and experiential therapy specialist, Mind Mind Medicine Inc (NASDAQ:MNMD) stock was trading in the OTC market a year back, considered slightly risky.  The company has low controversy despite the skeptics on utilizing for addressing issues.

Shares of the company have witnessed a significant surge but with less clarity on how the pandemic will pan out, Mind Medicine may still be relevant. There have been violence and social outbursts since the onset of the pandemic, due to the increased stress levels.

Dr. Lisa Maclean of the American Medical Association said that people are feeling uncertain, anxious, frustrated, and stressed, and decline in mental health is leading to more depression, anger, insomnia as well as substance abuse.

The fading of the pandemic will lead to normalization but workplace stress will continue to remain. However, working long hours and becoming fixated to work computer are associated with telecommuting. Such issues can lead to people losing sanity as the ability to communicate is far lower. Government data demonstrates that social isolation results in higher stress.

In such a scenario, alternative health such as psychedelic-based medicine is being explored like ketamine- which induces dissociative anesthesia and is also used by people as a recreational drug – to treat rare diseases.

Investors may wish to do due diligence with MNMD stock.