Aditxt Inc (NASDAQ:ADTX) Stock Sees High Volatility: What’s Up?

Volatility is not always a bad thing when it comes to stocks since sometimes it is possible for traders to make a killing regardless and hence, ahead of another new trading week it might be a good time to look into the Aditxt Inc (NASDAQ:ADTX) stock.

Last week the Aditxt stock had been particularly volatile but at the same time it should be noted that it had also recorded considerable gains last Wednesday. The trading volumes in the stock had gone up to record levels and touched 150 million shares at one point on Friday. At the time, the average daily volume in the stock stood at only 225000 a day.

Aditxt is a small company with a market cap of only $50 million but the biotech firm made the headlines recently after it announced that it was going to acquire a biopharmaceutical company which is a specialist in the commercialisation of an oral COVID 19 antiviral therapy. Last week the company signed a letter of intent with regards to the same acquisition and soon enough the stock started climbing at a fast clip. Investors could consider adding the stock to their watch lists at this point and keep an eye on the price action today.