Pintec Technology Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:PT) Stock Gains 8% After The News

Leading independent technology platform enabling financial services in China, Pintec Technology Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:PT) on August 31, 2021, announced the decision on expanding technical services for focusing on empowering the MSME ecosystem through the firm’s advanced technology in big data, AI as well as cloud-based infrastructure.

The firm is planning to harness the SaaS and Fintech model as a complete solution for expediting the digitization of SMEs and providing solutions to operations and manufacturing processes.

The decision will need a strategic review of the firm’s existing operations for optimizing resources and deploying talent.

Mr. Victor Li, Chief Executive Officer of PINTEC said that the firm’s historical proven track records as well as cumulative partnership collaborations will enable it to extend the focus on the SME digitization ecosystem. The firm’s solution leverages its “SaaS + Fintech” capabilities for SMEs of different industry sectors to enable enterprises on enhancing operational efficiency and lower financial costs.

PINTEC will be restructuring non-core technical services entailing long-term investments but may have negative earnings through the transfer of its equity interest in FT Synergy Pte Ltd. The company also began a technology-based credit assessment system for SMEs starting from 2016 as its services were adopted in different business aspects including payment, corporate finance, and taxation.

By the end of 2020, the company’s solution has permitted more than 80,000 SMEs in managing their cash flows.