9 Meters Biopharma Inc (NMTR) Stock Trends Higher: Jumps 20% in a Month

9 Meters Biopharma Inc (NASDAQ:NMTR) has emerged as a point of focus for investors over the course of the past few days and it remained in focus this week as investors piled on to the stock.

The 9 Meters stock has managed to clock gains of 6% so far this month and that has taken its gains over the course of the past month to as much as 20%. Yesterday the company was in the news as well after it announced that its Chief Executive Officer John Temperator would be one of the participants at the Citi’s 16th Annual BioPharma Virtual Conference that is going to be held from September 8thh to September 10th.

It is a major event for the biopharma industry and investors will also be able to join in virtually. In this context, the company also announced that interested parties could also contact their local representative from Citibank and schedule an online one on one meeting with the management team of 9 Meters who will be in attendance at the event. In light of this announcement from the company it is going to be interesting to see if the stock continues to remain in focus over the coming days.