Gourmet Provisions International Corporation (GMPR) Announces Signed LOI: Stock Falls

Gourmet Provisions International Corporation (OTCMKTS:GMPR) on September 2, 2021, announced a signing Letter of Intent for purchasing master franchising rights for Western Pennsylvania and Georgia to take a controlling interest in four existing Florida-based Black Rock Bar & Grills as well as in two existing Michigan based Black Rock Bar & Grills.

The letter of intent specifies that GMPR would be buying 51% of existing Florida Black Rock Bar & Grills having locations in Brandon, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and will be purchasing controlling interest in two Michigan locations including debts, assets, revenues, and service contracts.

Paul Samson, the President, said that the firm is keen on partnering and working with Gourmet Provisions as it will be a single funding solution for Black Rock Florida to grow across the region.

James Vowler President & CEO of Gourmet Provisions International Corp, said that the complete brand from beginning in 1995 has been utilized on novel ideas outperforming the food industry. Vowler added that the firm brings quality food in a hot and unique stone ensuring a different dining experience for the consumer. Furthermore, the CEO said that the opportunity to partner with Paul and Black Rock was easy as it will instantly give 23+million to its bottom-line revenues.

Black Rock Bar and Grill of Florida has operations in 5 separate entities: The next 3 Florida Black Rock locations are in the development stage.