All American Gold Corp (AAGC) Stock In Focus After The Big Jump

All American Gold Corp (OTCMKTS:AAGC) on August 12, 2021, announced the completion of the acquisition of Hollywood Star Cuts from V Group, Inc. for its present and future shareholders. Having a robust business model, Hollywood Star Cuts operates as a chain of “Full-Service Family Hair Salons”.

Themed to engage with the customer “Star of the Show”, the customer gets royal treatment in a Hollywood/California Beach-themed environment. Operating in Greater Boise Idaho region with a single location in Nampa Idaho and another in Boise, which is under construction, Hollywood Star Cuts would be expanding to another location in 2021 besides some locations in Central and Southern Florida in the next two years.

The locations would be considered as “Corporate Stores” and once operational, the firm will be moving on with an aggressive franchise model for maximizing growth across the country.

Generating about 50 billion dollars annually, the Hair Care industry is vital and Hollywood Star Cuts looks to take a significant portion of the revenues. All American Gold Corp would be naming itself as All American Glamour Corp for reflecting the new vision of the firm.

The firm believes that the Hair Care industry has tremendous growth potential and it is enthusiastic about the long-term growth of both companies. V Group developed the initial concept from idea to an operating business.