TSX Venture Momentum Plays (HULK.V, WFLD.V, THX.V, EU.V, NWST.V)

The TSX Venture Composite Index was up nearly 2 points on Wednesday.  The exchange that was founded in 1999 primarily for junior resource exploration companies is full of precious investment opportunities you won’t need a 43-101 form to confirm.

We start with a company as opposite a resource explorer as you’ll find, Pontus Protein, ticker symbol HULK.v, is not a comic book play but just as green as the character whose name happens to be the same as the company’s ticker.   Pontus Protein Ltd. (TSXV:HULK) does produce a protein that helps people ‘hulk’ up, however, the way it produces this protein is its real superpower.

Pontus’ water lentils are made through machine learning AI in aquaponic vertical farms that utilize 5% of the water traditional agriculture needs to produce the same crop.  Its pure organic plant-based protein is grown in a zero-emission fashion making it a darling for ESG investors.

After news Tuesday, the stock saw its largest volume day in weeks.  This may be the start of a bull run.  Make sure you start your research on HULK.V today.

Here is a closer look at a troika of stocks that could well be worth tracking at this point in time by investors as another trading continues apace. There have been recent developments with regards to these companies that could make these stocks quite compelling for a large number of investors. Here is a quick look at each of the companies.

Wellfield Technologies Inc (CVE:WFLD): The first stock that you could look into is that of Wellfield Technologies Inc, a company that has actually been in the news this week. Earlier on in the week on February 7 the company came into sharp focus after it announced that it had decided to make the introduction of a cash balance incentive programme to the product MoneyClip.

It was a major development for the company considering the fact that Wellfield Technologies is looking to turn MoneyClip into a financial application that offers all the relevant services that one might expect. The cash balance incentive feature is expected to be another step towards achieving that particular goal. It is going to be interesting to see if the Wellfield Technologies stock can move strongly in the coming days.

Thor Explorations (CVE:THX): The next company that investors could consider looking into today is Thor Explorations and it was back on February 7 this week that the company had actually come into focus owing to a key announcement. The company announced on the day that it had commenced its exploration activities at the Douta Gold Project for the year 2022.

The project in question is situated in Sengal. The project is located on the Makosa Gold Deposit and this is important since the deposit boasts of inferred gold resources to the tune of as much as 730000 ounces. It is likely that investors are going to be waiting for the results from this exploration programme eagerly.

The stock has been gaining momentum recently and moved up 24% in the past month. On Wednesday, the stock was up 14%.

enCore Energy Corp (CVE:EU) (OTCMKTS:ENCUF) stock has been moving higher ove5r the past week with a jump of 8%. However, the stock is still down 185 in the past month.

Last month, company announced that it proposes to issue up to 580,043 common shares in the capital of the Company to Haywood Securities Inc. pursuant to a financial advisory agreement between Haywood and Azarga Uranium Corp..

NorthWest Copper (CVE:NWST): Last but certainly not least it is the NorthWest Copper stock that could be part of the watch lists of investors at this point.

The company had actually come into focus in a big way among investors on January 27 when it announced that the drill hole ENV 21 007 had managed to intersect high-grade gold and that also includes 10.5 grams per tonne over 2 metres of drilling. It is going to be interesting to see if investors flock to the NorthWest stock in the coming days.

The stock closed higher by 6.25% to C$0.68 on Wednesday.