Why WHSI’s New Medic Alert Device Will Have Investors Smiling

In March, California-based Wearable Health Solutions Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI) announced plans to launch its iHelp Max 4G product in June of this year.

The iHelp Max 4G is marketed as a superior product, providing greater ease of use and reliability to the product’s users, the users’ caregivers, and the dealers providing back-end support.

The launch could drive eager investors to add WHSI to their watchlists.

Here’s Why:

·        The market and demand for this product class are growing.

·        WHSI has created a superior product to any of the firm’s predecessors.

·        WHSI has updated the back-end customer support, service, and interface.

·        The new iHelp Max 4G provides for stronger connectivity, improved reliability, and more accurate tracking.

WHSI Ushers In New Age of PERS Technology for iHelp Max

-Personal emergency response systems (PERS) users and their “care circles” depend on PERS devices to detect, alert, track, and transmit data.

-The more reliably incidents are detected and transmitted to the appropriate parties, the more peace of mind users and care providers will find in a PERS product.

-Recognizing the market demand for more reliability, WHSI has built the iHelp Max 4G with a handful of key factors in mind.

Key Customer NeedsNew iHelp Max 4G Feature
More reliable connectivity·        Switching to 4G cellular connection from 3G
·        WiFi Enabled
Detection and transmission of events/incidents·        Hands-free detection
·        Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant
·        Non-Emergency- Circle of care ‘text on demand’ to locate the user or find a lost device
·        Automatic notifications sent via text or email to the circle of care 
Superior Construction·        Comfortable design and lightweight construction
·        Water-resistant in the shower
·        Shatter-resistant

Growth in PERS Demand

As reported earlier this year, WHSI has updated its 2022 guidance to reflect a projected 350% growth, due in large part to its new iHelp Max 4G launching. Further, the iHelp Max 4G is launching at a time when remote patient monitoring and PERS systems are experiencing remarkable growth.

According to Industry Intelligence’s recently published report:

·        Roughly 20% of the United States’ GDP is healthcare-related.

·        Globally, remote patient monitoring will account for $1.7 billion in 2024.

·        In the United States, the healthcare industry is bracing for the demand of 30 million people who will be using remote monitoring systems.

With seniors staying at home longer and needing less direct care in their golden years, devices like Wearable Health’s (OTCMKTS: WHSI) iHelp Max 4G are helping to bridge the divide between a medically vulnerable population and their own wellness.

WHSI as an Investment

WHSI in a Nutshell

·        Improved product of superior construction

·        Launching in a growing market

·        Sufficiently capitalized to meet 2022 revenue goals, according to its CEO

For those investors looking to add Wearable Health (OTCMKTS: WHSI) to their watchlists, or even their portfolios, these numbers may be of interest:

·        Most recent 12 trailing months put revenues at $1.4 million

·        Updated guidance on 2022 puts the current year revenue projection at $5.87 million.

·        WHSI’s CEO, Harrysen Mittler, concluded the company was “sufficiently capitalized” to reach its 2022 goals, after a $5 million Reg A round of funding.

Will investors see this as a watchlist-worth stock or even a healthy addition to their portfolios?

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