Medical Wellness Sector: IPA, SIGL, CEOS, SEBFF, KAVL

In recent years there have been a large number of sectors that have come up and managed to attract a lot of investors. One of those sectors is the medical wellness sector, which has managed to chart remarkable growth over the course of the past few years, and now it remains one of the sectors that investors often look into regularly. However, it’s a large sector now and has plenty of companies to choose from. Hence, it could be a good idea for investors to consider taking a look at a few companies that may be worth tracking at this point.

Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd  (NASDAQ:IPA) – This is a company that has done significantly stellar work in the medical wellness sector over the course of the past months and it is now apparent that some investors are seeing the merits in its stock.

Yesterday, the IPA stock was in action once again as investors piled on to it in a big way and sent it soaring by as much as 8.54% for the day. The company is best known for its innovative omics data technology platform that helps researchers as well as enterprises in accelerating their work with regard to innovations in the healthcare or wellness sectors.

Signal Advance (OTC:SIGL) – Another medical wellness stock that could be worth checking out at this point in time is of Signal Advance Inc, which is best known for having developed a medical patented technology that is claimed to be a game-changer. The Signal Advance stock was also in focus on Monday and had clocked gains of as much as 11.11% amidst considerable interest.

The company is best known for providing Signal Advance technology that aids in the reduction of signal delays that one comes across in physical sensors. It remains to be seen if the stock can continue to be in momentum in the coming days.

CeCors, Inc. (OTC:CEOS) was another notable winner and closed with a hefty jump of about 18% on unusual volume.

The company is involved in developing and commercializing nootropic, entheogenic and adaptogenic formulations and ingredients that are based on mycology.

The company is primarily involved in the functional mushrooms space and is involved in the manufacturing of all kinds, starting from the functional ones to the psychedelic ones. The company has also come up with its own optimal wellness strategy and it may be an interesting company to follow in an industry that is still at a fairly nascent stage.

Smart Employee Benefits Inc (OTC:SEBFF) (TSX:SEB.V) – On Monday, Smart Employee Benefits Inc was one of the notable movers in the Canadian market as it clocked gains of as much as 7.14% amidst heavy trading volume.

The company is regarded as an Insuretech firm that is mainly focused on providing benefits administration technology to its clients. It offers a range of benefits processing solutions and software for a range of clients including the government. It is a company that could garner more attention from investors over the course of the coming days and hence, it may be a good time to perhaps add it to your watch lists.

Kaival Brands Innovations Group (NASDAQ:KAVL) – There has been no news about Kaival Brands Innovations Group for some weeks but the stock has performed well and had in fact hit a fresh high of $3.04 a share not too long ago.

The company, which is best known for distributing products made by BidiVapor LLC, announced on April 18 that it had managed to further expand its additional retailer and wholesaler accounts. Kaival noted that by the end of the year it was going to reach as many as 28000 more stores.